Image: @gabbybernstein


I’ve always been one to have multiple projects on the go – whether it was freelancing on the side, an artist market stall, a friend of a friend’s wedding invitations…

But these past few months since I officially launched For Good have featured the most serendipitous and random opportunities by far. Not always with #forgood projects – there was the art buyer in the US who purchased an old illustration of mine to put into hundreds of hotel rooms in Las Vegas (I know!)… But there was also the Canadian ayurvedic coach who contacted me after three years, asking if we could finally work together.

Just last week, after not being at an event for a while, I was excited to attend the launch of One Roof’s latest space. There, I bumped into Carolyn Tate who offered to add a coaching session to a giveaway I was already running (amazing)! During the speeches, I noticed a woman who looked familiar and I was drawn to speak with her. Turns out, she needs a designer and we’re working together next week – our potential partnership will be a total game-changer (stay tuned on that one). Towards the end of the night, another beautiful lady introduced herself to me… we’re meeting up for a vino after work tonight to discuss her fledgling business idea and how we could launch it to success.

All of this has taught me so far, just to put myself out there. Listen to my intuition and introduce myself to that person – they might be waiting for someone just like me to tap on their shoulder. And maybe, by following my passion and “doing the work” involved in an after-hours hustle, the opportunities come to you! I’d say a glass of bubbly in your hand does the trick too… don’t question the methods if they work 😉

Looking at all the business women I’m currently working with… it’s incredible that every single one came into my life by being open, going to like-minded events, chatting, sharing a wine, and perhaps, after we’ve decided we like what each other are about, we share business cards… And meet up again for another wine and chat about our big ideas and how we can change the world.

It’s a pretty awesome way of doing business.

What serendipitous moment has happened in your business recently?